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Christmas Tree Stands Available at The Farm

Cinco 148 Express Stand

Medium stand
For real trees up to 10ft tall
Trunk diameter 7"
Dimensions:20"x20"x8", can be mounted to board
2 Gallon (7.57 lts) water reservoir
Weighs: 4.6 lbs

Answer Stand (PIN type)

Medium Pin Stand

For most 5' to 9' trees.

Quite simply, the ANSWER STAND is the best Christmas tree stand on the market!

Stand your Christmas tree in less than 10 seconds!

ANSWER STANDS come with a 6 quart water bowl.

The legs attach and remove with a simple push of the snap button. Legs are tubular steel with a powder-coated finish.

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Tree Stand
Pin type

Drilling a tree for a PIN type stand


Use of a PIN type Christmas tree stand requires that a hole be drilled in the center of the trunk by a tree drill specifically designed for the purpose.  We will drill your tree upon request.

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