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Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree ~ Pricing and Height

Firs & Pines are individually tagged and

priced by height, species, and quality.

Balsam Fir  4'-14'

$59.99 - $279.99

Canaan Fir  4'-12'

$59.99 - $279.99

Fraser Fir  4'-11'

$69.99 - $289.99 limited selection

Korean Fir  4'-11' 

$59.99 - $249.99 limited selection

Scotch Pine 4'-9' 

$59.99-$99.99 limited selection

Meyers Spruce  6'-11'

$79.99-$149.99 limited selection


Colorado Blue Spruce  6'-13' 

Black Hills Spruce 6'-14'

Trees without tags are priced @ $20/foot at check out


Choose & Cut-Your-Own

Saws provided

Sleds or tree carts provide to carry the trees from the fields

Shaking and baling is included

Tree removal bag is included with tree purchase

Coloring books for kids

Twine to tie your tree down

Dogs with leash welcome


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