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Cut Your Own Christmas Tree


Your fun-filled day begins as you travel out to the farm to Choose & Cut-Your-Own tree.  Our farm is friendly and easy-going.  Our goal is to offer great family fun by providing an enjoyable and memorable experience of selecting your perfect Christmas tree.

At the Cut-Your-Own kiosk, you will find a saw, sled or tree cart, provided for your use as walk into the field for your perfect tree.  Or browse the fresh-cut tree display area for your tree.  Click for farm field map.  Please ask any questions or for guidance.


Each tree purchase includes shaking, baling, and a tree removal bag.

Click here for tree types at the farm, availability, and pricing.

We accept Cash, Check, Credit & Debit Cards



Tree stands and pin type tree stands are available for purchase.  For guests that use a "Pin" type tree stand, we will drill a hole in the base of your Christmas tree with our special tree drill (no charge).

Call or text 612.501.3673 or email.


Family photo with Christmas tree
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